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Q-Lab offers standard and custom educational
seminars around the world.


Know Your Enemy

Sunlight, heat and moisture can cause serious product deterioration – such as color change, fading, cracking, peeling, oxidation, or loss of strength. Damage occurs both outdoors and indoors, and its severity can vary greatly in different climates. Even materials that are resistant to sunlight alone, or to moisture alone, often fail when exposed to sunlight and moisture in combination.

Do you know how well your products will last in every location where they are used?

Introduction to Weathering & Light Stability

Q-Lab offers standard and custom seminars around the world to help explain the fundamentals of weathering and light stability testing, including:

  • How light, heat & moisture damage materials
  • Why you should test
  • Outdoor and laboratory testing
  • Correlating test results
  • The right test for your needs

These seminars provide you with a practical, non-technical overview of weathering science and testing and help you learn when to use outdoor or laboratory exposures to answer your light stability and weathering questions. The seminars compare the strengths and limitations of xenon arc testers and fluorescent UV (QUV) testers, the two most commonly used lab weathering technologies. Your Q-Lab presenter will describe various weathering options and help you understand what types of testing are right for your specific applications.

Understanding weathering can help increase your profitability and help you:

  • Avoid costly product failures
  • Meet new specifications
  • Improve existing products
  • Bring new products to market

Who Should Attend?

You should consider a seminar if you are new to weathering and light stability testing, or if you would like a refresher course and update about current exposure options. Seminars are designed for those involved in:

  • materials research and development
  • quality control
  • operating lab weathering equipment
  • exposure analysis.

On-Site Training Available

For one inclusive price, seminars can be presented at your facility or at a location of your choice. The on-site training benefits your entire staff, allowing individuals to share ideas and ask questions specific to your company's requirements.

Call Q-Lab at +1-440-835-8700 or email us at to inquire about an on-site seminar, or view the seminars already scheduled in your area below:

Upcoming Q-Lab Seminars & Webinars - April - June 2014

Posted: 4/1/2014

The following contains a partial list of events that Q-Lab plans to attend or host in the first quarter of 2014.  Please contact us for more information!

The Essentials of Lab Weathering
A free seminar presented by Q-Lab
17 April 2014; 9:30-10:30 am or 1:30-2:30 pm EST

Taichiung Seminar
Taichiung, Taiwan
22 April 2014 

Esenciales de Intemperismo en Laboratorio
Un webinar gratuito en Espanol (a free webinar presented in Spanish)
25 April 2014

World FIBC Congress
"Weathering of FIBC Products: Testing to the Standards & Beyond"
Presented by Jeffrey Quill
Amsterdam, Netherlands
5-6 May 2014

Exploring Color & Gloss and the Basics of Weathering
A joint seminar presented with BYK-USA
Chicago, IL USA
7 May 2014

Exploring Color & Gloss and the Basics of Weathering
A joint seminar presented by Q-Lab and BYK-Gardner
Düsseldorf, Germany
20 May 2014

Exploring Color & Gloss and the Basics of Weathering
A joint seminar presented by Q-Lab and BYK-Gardner
Stuttgart, Germany
24 June 2014

“Das 1 x 1 der Bewitterung”
A joint seminar presented by TÜV SÜD
Akademie and Q-Lab
Berlin, Germany
25 June 2014

Find Out More

For existing customers who register with us, you can get access to some of our educational content, shown below. Visit our Create an Account pages to setup your username and view the training presentations below:

  • Smrithi Kumar educating an audience in Asia about lightfastness testing in the textile industry

  • Rich Kish giving a seminar on structuring a simple but effective weathering exposure test program

  • A seminar specific to weathering test methods in the automotive industry, also being delivered by Rich Kish

  • Q-SUN essentials training on proper machine installation, maintenance and operation for the footwear industry

  • Vendor training by Smrithi Kumar in Asia on Q-SUN tester use and operation, for the textile industry.

  • Many of our seminars include both lectures as well as practical, hands-on training.