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Laboratory Technician (Homestead, FL)

Posted: 12/3/2019

Q-Lab is currently looking for a Laboratory Technician. The ideal candidate is able to perform routine tasks with a high degree of repeat-ability and precision, and a willingness to anticipate data and to confirm its accuracy.This position involves the preparation of specimens for evaluations (rinsing,washing, polishing, etc.) as well as performing the evaluations themselves,using instruments or visually assessing the test specimens.


Wash and polish test specimens

Act as lead photographer for ongoing tests

Perform instrumental gloss measurements, thickness and image clarity measurements

Maintain all instruments and reference standards (i.e. tiles, shims, etc.)

Measure and record check tile and calibration chip readings regularly

Perform all work quickly and accurately, following the tasks assigned in the Daily Work Schedule

Assist with the shipping department when required

Other duties as required


This position requires a degree of manual dexterity, ability to work with tools, and moderate computer literacy. Must be able to read and understand complex test instructions. Must have neat, legible handwriting. Must be fluent in English both written and spoken.


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