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Q-Lab Tensile Testing Service

Posted: 5/6/2011
Q-Lab Tensile Testing Service
New Services at Q-Lab Florida

6 May, 2011 -  Q-Lab is pleased to announce new tensile testing services at our Florida Outdoor and Accelerated Weathering laboratory facility.  Using our recently acquired Instron Universal Testing Machine, Q-Lab can perform tensile, load at break, elongation, shear and peel testing up to 1000 Kgf on a variety of materials including rigid plastics, films, membranes, textiles, threads, rubber, sealants, and more.

Tensile testing is typically performed before and immediately following your exposure testing, allowing you to compare results and determine changes in the material’s physical properties.  We can test according to numerous standards including ASTM D412, D638, D882, D1876, D5304, plus many others.
Include our new tensile testing services as part of your next comprehensive weathering research test program.  Call or email us for more details, including report format and affordable pricing
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