Meet Our Team: Test Services

  • Michael J. Crewdson
    Managing Director,
    Q-Lab Test Services

  • Harlan Reid
    Director of Operations
    Test Services

  • Bonnie Pertgen
    Technical Services Coordinator
    Cost Estimates, Client Consultation

  • Federico Lopez
    Special Projects Manager

  • Thomas Allie
    Accelerated Lab Manager, USA
    Accelerated Weathering & Corrosion

  • Susan Manchester
    Accelerated Lab Technician
    New & Current Accelerated Tests

  • Rosie Rosario
    Florida Outdoor Lab Technician
    New & Current Outdoor Tests

  • Diane Braun
    Florida Office Manager
    Test Status, Documentation, Website

  • Casey Medina
    Technical Services Representative

  • Silvia Castelblanco
    Invoices & Payments

  • Kevin Bernhardt
    Customer Service Representative
    Cost Estimates and Test Setup

  • Sarah Estevez

  • Beth Foster
    Executive Assistant
    Photos, QA Administration

  • Ana Garcia
    Evaluations Supervisor
    Appearance Evaluations and Instrumental Measurements

  • Bernadette O’Donohue
    Arizona Lab Technician
    Color, Gloss, Evaluations

  • Tanesia McKenzie
    Accelerated Lab Technician

  • Adam Ashcraft
    Accelerated Lab Technician

  • Sandra Osornio
    Arizona Office Clerk

  • Mouna Shakkour
    European Laboratory Technician

  • Axel Koerper
    European Accelerated Laboratory Manager

  • Sunny Sun
    Standards, Quality & Calibration Manager

  • Katherine Fan
    Lab Manager

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Contact Us


Q-Lab Phone Numbers

USA: +1-440-835-8700
Florida & Arizona Test Services: +1-305-245-5600
UK/Europe: +44-1204-861616
Germany: +49-681-857470
China: +86-21-5879-7970

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