The New QCT Condensation Tester from Q-Lab 

A modern update to the “Original Cleveland Cabinet” 

The reimagined QCT condensation tester includes a color touchscreen in 17 different languages, automated programming, enclosed condensation capability, and precise temperature control and calibration.

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The Industry Leader in Weathering and Corrosion 

Q-Lab is the global leader in material durability testing 

Since 1956, our products and services have been used to test coatings, plastics, automotive, personal care, roofing, inks, textiles, pharmaceuticals, packaging, sealants, and more.

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Q-FOG with Top-Mounted Swaying Shower Bar

New top-mounted solution delivery system meets requirements of Ford and Volvo test standards while providing the same excellent shower coverage as the Stationary Shower Module.

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QUV/uvc Accelerated Weathering Tester

Will your product stand up to UVC sanitization?

The QUV/uvc uses UVC lamps to deliver light concentrated at 254 nm to test for durability against photodegradation effects resulting from exposure to UVC light.

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<p>Caratteristiche del Prodotto</p>

Caratteristiche del Prodotto

Q-FOG chambers featuring an optional, new, overhead swaying shower bar system meet the latest test standards from Ford and Volvo. Learn More.

Service Test in primo piano

Service Test in primo piano

Q-TRAC natural sunlight concentrator testing gives super fast results like accelerated laboratory testers, but instead uses actual sunlight as the light source. Learn More.

Architectural Decorative Coatings Architectural Decorative Coatings

Decoral America had an interest in having its product classified as a “High Performance Material” and used Q-Lab's outdoor testing services to achieve the certification. per saperne di più

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