QUV & Q-SUN Water Repurification System

Water Repurification System
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Water Repurification System Repurification System in Lab Q-SUN Xe-1 with Repurification System Q-SUN Xe-2 with Repurification System Q-SUN Xe-3 with Repurification System QUV Weathering Tester with Repurification System QUV on Spacesaver Frame with Repurification System Water Repurification System Integrated into QUV Water Repurification System Components Water Repurification System Water Flow
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Q-Lab offers an advanced water repurification system as an option for QUV and Q-SUN test chamber models with water spray. The system can save over 1,000 liters of expensive, purified water per day in a test cycle that calls for several hours of water spray, and can pay for itself in a matter of months.

Unlike competing systems that simply recirculate dirty water, Q-Lab's repurification system repurifies water in addition to conserving it. Major components include: a water reservoir, a pump, a flow adjustment valve, a repurification cartridge and a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) purity monitor.

Water Repurification System for QUV and Q-SUN Test Chambers Equipped with Water Spray 
In standalone QUV testers, the water repurification system is fully integrated into the tester below the test chamber. In QUV testers on space saver frames and in Q-SUN models, the repurification system is packaged inside a separate housing as a standalone system. The water repurification housing is positioned on the floor to the right of the tester and may be stacked.

For complete details, see Specification Bulletin LW-6048.

It is important to note that the repurification system is not a primary purification system - it is a repurification system.  You still must supply purified water to the machine.  If you feed ordinary tap water to the tester, the water repurification cartridge may become depleted in a few weeks.

During a spray step, the pump turns on and draws water out of the reservoir.  The water then goes through a flow adjustment valve which sends water to the spray nozzles (and some back to the reservoir).  The water goes through a repurification cartridge to remove any contaminants. After the water is sprayed on the test specimens, it drains back into the reservoir.  A float valve automatically adds water to the reservoir to replenish water lost to evaporation (typically 5 liters per day) – no manual filling is needed.

Since the water is recycled, a drain is not mandatory.  However, a drain is recommended so that if the float valve sticks open, the overflow will go down the drain instead of on the floor. 

Users should also check the water purity monitor once a month and change the repurification cartridge when the total dissolved solids are greater than 1ppm.  When the tester is supplied with pure water the repurification cartridge should last several years.  Repurification cartridge lifetime is highly dependent upon inlet water purity and specimen cleanliness.  Exceeding the recommended values may reduce lifetime significantly.

Common Part Numbers

  • QUV/Spray, 120 RP   QUV/spray Water Repurification System, for new 120v QUV machines
  • QUV/Spray, 230 RP    QUV/spray Water Repurification System, for new 230v QUV machines
  • V-60007-K    QUV/spray Water Repurification System to retrofit QUV machines in series 48 or greater
  • V-60158-K    QUV/spray on space saver frame, Water Repurification System, for new 120v QUV machines
  • V-60159-K    QUV/spray on space saver frame, Water Repurification System, for new 230v QUV machines
  • V-60160-K    QUV/spray on space saver frame, Water Repurification System to retrofit QUV machines in series 48 or greater
  • X-10897-K    Q-SUN Xe-1, Xe-2 and Xe-3 Water Repurification System

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